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{San Jose, Costa Rica}, July 15, 2021 - WINK Streaming today announced a highly scalable cloud service for live video transcoding. This cloud video transcoding service provides conversion between different digital media formats and reducing bitrate. For example, customers can use WINK Streaming's V-Forge to convert their sizeable high-resolution surveillance cameras into reduced bitrate versions optimized for playback on websites, mobile devices, IPTV and other video playback platforms.

WINK Streaming V-Forge Transcoder removes the need to manage infrastructure and transcoding hardware and virtual machines, providing scalability and performance by leveraging WINK Streaming Cloud. The service runs 24/7 and manages all aspects of the transcoding process transparently and automatically. It also supports pre-defined transcoding presets that make it easy to transcode video for smartphones, tablets, web browsers and other devices. The reduced bitrate live feeds are made available on WINK Streaming's global CDN for sharing and viewing. The streams are securely available using a range of authentication and encryption technologies, including HTTPS, OTP, OAuth, Digest Authentication and a range of proprietary REST-based API options.

Traditionally, transcoding has been complex and expensive for customers. To transcode locally, one generally needs to buy and manage transcoding software, hardware or Virtual Machines, which can be costly and require substantial configuration and management. Second, audio and video settings for each device that the customer wants to support need to be created and tested. Often, this is a trial and error process. With WINK Streaming V-Forge, these complexities are eliminated for small to medium-sized deployments. There is no need to buy, configure or manage the underlying transcoding solution. In addition, WINK Streaming's V-Forge Transcoder provides pre-defined presets for popular devices that remove the trial and error in finding the optimal settings and output formats for various devices. WINK Streaming's V-Forge automatically scales up and down to handle customers' demands and client base.

"Our small to medium-size customers told us that it was difficult and expensive to transcode video and maintain a large amount of equipment," said Iyan Bruce, Director of WINK CDN. "None of this work had anything to do with their objective of getting a high-quality video that would look great on the web and mobile devices. The V-Forge allows users to get their live streams online and available in minutes."

About WINK Streaming

WINK Streaming, founded in 2006, is a global leader in content delivery and content caching, video delivery, surveillance, encoding, and live transcoding solutions. The company offers flexible and custom tailorable solutions for various deployment sizes from municipal to city and state-wide solutions.

WINK Streaming's key focus is on providing the highest-quality, lowest-latency content delivery globally by pairing high-quality encoding and transcoding systems with a custom-tailored network. WINK Streaming's network spans the globe and has operations in over a dozen countries.

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