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WINK Streaming extends the collaboration with the Newark Police Department for the Citizens Virtual Patrol (CVP)

{San Jose, Costa Rica}, June 5, 2021 – WINK Streaming proudly announces their contract extension for the third year in a row with Newark Police Department. For the year 2021, WINK Streaming will continue to offer its services for the Citizen Virtual Patrol website. This website is a great platform to enable citizens to monitor cameras throughout the city.

WINK Streaming provides efficient and quality video transcoding for this project from the upstream VMS, Genetec's Security Center. Experts in surveillance and security consider this collaboration an essential step towards the safety of all citizens.

The inhabitants of Newark City can continue to feel safe and well protected because the surveillance system delivers excellent city wide coverage. WINK Streaming will keep working on Newark's CVP Project. The Citizen Virtual Patrol project by the Newark Police Department and the City of Newark is an initiative that will become a mandatory measure for all modern cities in the near future.

"We're excited to continue to work with the LTW, Newark PD and City management on this advanced and exhilarating project. Newark is moving towards a better and secure urban lifestyle that other cities should follow! Newark's Police Department is truly a model for any major city to follow when it comes to providing access to city cameras." stated Bella Williams, Director Marketing of WINK Streaming.

In the coming year, WINK Streaming aims to provide the City of Newark with an improved, innovative website with additional and user-friendly features. The website is compatible to function impeccably on any Web Browser, Android or iOS device. The team also intends to launch a mobile app for better access and mobility.

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About WINK Streaming

WINK Streaming, established in 2006, was a step forward towards a safer future. They have acquired their reputation as a global leader in content delivery and caching. Their services also comprise video delivery, surveillance, encoding, and live transcoding for optimal results. The company ensures a flexible and customizable plan for various projects ranging from municipal to city and state-wide.

The primary emphasis of WINK Streaming and its skilled professionals is to provide top-notch solutions and facilitate audio/video content delivery. Their expanse of services extends to more than 12 countries. WINK Streaming strives to combine exceptional encoding and transcoding systems with a customized network.

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